Hello, I’m a web craftsman with a passion for the modern web. I build web applications and play with social services and communities.

Look at my GitHub account for ongoing development of open source projects!


Released: December 2011
URL: https://getmatilda.com/
still maintained by me

Matilda is a Web & iPhone application which simplifies organizing, synchronizing, collaborating and sharing your photos. Albums become beautiful photo blogs automatically. Matilda is a cloud service with full two-way sync between the iPhone app and the web.

my duties on this project:
  • Ruby on Rails + MongoDB
  • API for two-way sync with iOS client
  • Spine.js based front-end
  • operations
  • decision making on used tools and technology


Released: September 2010
URL: http://comemories.com/
still maintained by me

Comemories helps you to collect photos you and your friends & family took at the same event with several cameras. It features a top-notch HTML5 drag and drop uploader with live preview even before the photo is completely uploaded. Comemories requires no signup, so have a try.

my duties on this project:
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Mootools based HTML5 drag/drop uploader
  • Facebook integration
  • operations
  • ... basically everything


Released: December 2003
Updated: 10.10.2010
URL: http://www.the-reality.net/
still maintained by me

the-reality.net (TR) is a social community around nightlife and party photos. Since it's launch back in 2003 the site has been growing quickly and is now one of the most visited websites in Görlitz and surroundings. With tens of thousands visitors per day it's my biggest and most important project so far.

my duties on this project:
  • Founder
  • most administrative tasks
  • PHP + MySQL backend
  • XHTML + CSS frontend
  • Javascript (Mootools)
  • Debian LAMP server admin


Released: 15.01.2010
URL: http://www.locanote.org/
project done

LocaNote is a location-based Notes Service. That means you can store notes which have a geographical position attached to them. So whenever you check your notes, you will only be presented with the notes near you.

my duties on this project:
  • Ruby on Rails website + API
  • jQuery rich interface
  • Concept


Released: September 2008
URL: http://www.peacechild.org/
not maintained by me anymore

Peace Child International is a NGO based in the United Kingdom. I've been working on their internal and external IT infrastructure for 2 years as well as on their website. Since I stopped maintaining the website the site has undergone many changes I have not been involved to.

my duties on this project:
  • IT Operations for local offices
  • IT Operations for web servers
  • creating website from ground up
  • PHP + MySQL backend
  • XHTML + CSS frontend
  • setting up and maintaining social media accounts

2 Degrees of Separation

Released: June 2008
URL: http://2degrees.peacechild.org/
project done

Two Degrees of Separation is a publication created by a lot of international editors and contributors. The core team was located in England and this website was created to allow the other international contributors to follow up with the creation process of the publication.

my duties on this project:
  • everything

mediaCUBE Portfolio

Released: June 2009
URL: http://portfolio.mediacube.at/
not maintained by me anymore

This Portfolio is used by all mediaCUBE students of the University of applied sciences Salzburg. The students can upload their projects to present them to the public. Since all the projects take up quite a lot of space my biggest task was to move all existing media to Amazon S3 and make the system support direct uploads to S3.

my duties on this project:
  • updating an existing system to support more courses
  • cleaning up code and making system more accessible
  • moving all media files to Amazon S3
  • modern multi-file uploader with Flash/Javascript

Cubos Locos

Released: April 2009
URL: http://www.cuboslocos.com/
project done

Cubos Locos was the name of my team for the class "computer graphics" in university. We published some tutorials about graphics programming done with OpenSceneGraph on this website.


Released: April 2007
URL: http://www.zieglmedia.de/

Thomas Ziegler is a German photographer. This is his official website.

my duties on this project:
  • concept and design
  • XHTML + CSS frontend
  • some Javascript effects

some more old stuff

There are some more old projects. I don't think they are worth bothering you with right now but feel free to contact me if you are interested!