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April 25, 2011 at 1:53 am

It’s been really calm around this blog for quite a while now but this is about to change. There is a lot to catch up with so I’ll get to this asap. It will be a graduate process of blogging about all the exciting things that happened last year, followed by more recent ones as well as new things to come.

Most notably is my stay with thoughtbot, inc. last summer, which I’ll lose a few words about as well as projects I have worked on lately.

One of the reasons I didn’t post anything in the last months was from technical nature. I wasn’t happy with the article layout and syntax highlighting of the blog as well as the URL schema of my whole site. This is all fixed up now and I feel ready to post something new.

3 responses to “Breaking the ice”

  1. Gerhard says:

    We are anxious for this.

  2. Ninate says:

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  3. Madiha says:

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