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July 7, 2010 at 10:39 am

On June 17 I was talking about some stories from my social community the-reality.net at Pecha Kucha Night Salzburg. Pecha Kucha Nights are happening all around the world and allow presenters to talk about any topic they like. There is only one rule for presentations: Each presentation has exactly 20 different slides and each slide is displayed for exactly 20 seconds. This means each talk is 6 minutes and 40 seconds long. So in case a presenter choose a topic you don’t like you will only have to waste 6:40min of your life listening to it!

I choose to speak about some funny and interesting stories from my social network the-reality.net to give people a little understanding of whats happening behind the walls of social networks. My talk is in German, so if you understand a little German have a look!

July 6, 2010 at 1:38 pm

Moscone West WWDC10 at night

Wow. That was a great week! It’s been roughly a month since I went to San Francisco to attend Apples Worldwide Developers Conference 2010, going down in Moscone West from June 7 to June 11.

I flew into San Francisco on Friday, June 4th and had a nice look around the city at the weekend before getting into WWDC on Monday. WWDC started off with a keynote by Steve Jobs. Doors opened on Monday morning at 7am, full 3 hours before the Keynote kicked off. So I thought getting there right at 7 would be fine. But people are actually more mad about seeing Steve Jobs than 15 years old girls for Tokio Hotel. They must have been queueing all night to get in first. At the time I got there, there was a full queue around the Moscone West building. Everyone was playing nice and queued up. The atmosphere was really welcoming and friendly. Since I was on my own I got lucky and could enter the building quite early and ended up getting a seat in the very front of the Presidio room where the keynote happened. It was a great experience to attend a Ketnote for real once. Basically you can feel how excited everyone in that room is, which is a very unique atmosphere for a press event.

After the keynote a busy week full of great sessions started. They are all covered by the developer NDA so I can’t really write much about them. But I can say that I saw and learned some really neat things about HTML5!

After WWDC I had one more day in San Francisco which I used to visit Alcatraz and the SF Bay Aquarium. Then I flew back on Sunday where I met a few another German iOS developers who where on the same flight back to Munich.