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August 12, 2009 at 11:21 pm

TR stops IE6 supportMy social networking site the-reality.net will stop supporting IE6 soon. That’s what the 6.4% visitors with IE6 will be informed about from now on when they enter the website.

I made the decision today while developing the new version of TR which makes heavy use of modern techniques. Until now I was testing IE6 here and then and made it compatible to the most important parts of the website. But especially the features I have been working on recently just gave me too much of a headache to keep IE6 support up. Also it’s getting harder and harder to even find a machine running IE6 for test purposes. That’s good news actually and works hand in hand with the decision to stop IE6 support.

OK, actually there will be still a bit of support. As I said I made most parts compatible until today so they will stay compatible as long as possible. But when the next change comes to those parts I won’t even think of IE6 anymore! And I have been waiting for this moment for years!

Especially for social networks it is hard to stop IE6 support since they have naturally more non-techy people visiting and when I started developing TR v4 in 2007 (OMG did I really start that long ago and didn’t get it live yet?) there was still a big percentage visiting with this old, never-dieing monster!

So after all I’m really excited and happy about this decision and can’t wait to remove the last bits and pieces of IE6 hacks and patches from the source code in the next couple of months….or maybe years.